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Background, officers and legal.

Background, Officers and Legal
The goals of the Found Caravan Corvette Club, Inc. sm are simple ones ... have fun, get together and travel with other like-minded individuals ... and supplement your local club by providing an opportunity to travel together and get to know other vette owners. We are excited to be presenting the fifth annual "Cruisin' Around the Mountains" Corvette Weekend in Saranac Lake, New York, in June of 2010, to benefit a local charity. The Found Caravan Corvette Club, Inc. sm was founded by Joanne and Michael Bevilacqua, during the 2003 50th Anniversary Caravan to Bowling Green, with the purpose of having Corvette friends from all over, get together, to share stories, travel with their corvettes and share experiences, with other like-mineded individuals. As the FCCC is internet-based, there are no meetings. The FCCC plans several trips and events each year and meets up with members to take trips, go to shows and caravan to different locations. The FCCC, Inc.'s purpose, when it was conceived, was not to take the place of your local club or organization, but to enhance it and to provide an opportunity to step outside the box, meet new people, and travel the road with our Corvettes. Our club motto is ... show up...have fun...and go home!  
We reserve the right to use any club photos for use on the website or in our newsletters!

Club Officers
CFO Michael Bevilacqua
Vice President Joanne Bevilacqua
Secretary Jane Koons

Regional Directors are:

Dan Braverman for Central New York

Peg Mahouska for Pennsylvania

Mick Lemish for Virginia

     Bob Lembach for Maryland

Our Corporate Officers
 Michael "Beef" Bevilacqua, CFO, Board of Directors, Found Caravan Corvette Club, Inc
Angela Atwell, Executive Vice President 
Joanne Bevilacqua, Secretary, Found Caravan Corvette Club, Inc., - 

The Found Caravan Corvette Club, Inc., is a New York State non for profit corporation organized with the express purpose of carrying at least one trip per year where the owners of Corvettes tm can get together and caravan.   

That all being said, the Corporate Officers reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone who they feel would be of detriment to the corporation.   The Corporate Officers also reserve the right to refuse renewal of any membership who they feel, due to any incidents during the year have made any other member uncomfortable due to their actions.  
The use of "Found Caravan Corvette Club," in any form, other than for reference purposes is a direct violation of federal and New York State Trademark Law. Unauthorized use of the logo, term “Found Caravan Corvette Club” or its logo is a violation of our rights and will be met with our full and forceful prosecution of trademark, contractual and other rights, remedies and protection under state and federal law. 

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